The 2023 Topps Baseball card set is one of the most highly anticipated releases each year. As the longest running and most iconic brand in the hobby, Topps continues to drive interest and collector demand. While it’s still early, here is a preliminary look at some of the top rookies and parallels to watch that could hold strong long term value.

One of the biggest rookie cards to watch is Julio Rodriguez of the Seattle Mariners. Rodriguez had a phenomenal rookie season that was cut short due to injury, but he still finished third in AL Rookie of the Year voting. His talent and skills are undeniable and scouts believe he has superstar potential. In such a shallow J-Rod rookie class between Topps, Bowman and Chrome, his base rookie could settle in the $50-100 range in a PSA 10. Popular parallels like Rainbow Foil and Negative may reach $500-1000 long term.

Bobby Witt Jr. also had a strong rookie campaign for the Kansas City Royals and finished second in AL ROY voting. Like Rodriguez, Witt has a very limited rookie card class that will keep his cards scarce. Look for his Topps Chrome Rainbow Foil /50 to push north of $1000. Even his base Topps rookie could reach $200-300 in a PSA 10 down the road.


Spencer Strider quickly became one of the top young arms in baseball for the Atlanta Braves in 2022. As a rookie pitcher with electric stuff, his Topps Chrome Negative and Refractors are must-haves for Braves PC collectors. Expect the Negative to settle around $300-500 long term.

One of the most hyped MLB prospects is the Los Angeles Angels sensation, Mike Trout. While Trout rookie cards from 2009-2011 Topps sets continue to rise in value each year, collectors are now seeking out his earliest card appearances before his MLB debut. Look for Trout’s 2007 Bowman Chrome Draft Picks Paper rookie card to push $10,000-15,000 for a PSA 10 copy. The ultra-rare 2007 Bowman Chrome Draft Superfractor /50 could reach $100,000+ one day.


Shohei Ohtani has cemented himself as the best two-way player of this generation with another MVP caliber season. While his 2018 Topps Chrome Update rookie cards are expensive, collectors are now seeking out his earliest US issue cards from 2012 Bowman Draft. The Paper base is around $3,000 PSA 10 while the Chrome sells for $8,000-12,000 graded. His rare 2012 Bowman Chrome Superfractor /50 could demand 6 figures.

Rookies aren’t the only cards that will hold value long term. Star veterans like Aaron Judge continue to amaze and could win the AL Triple Crown in 2022 which would send his cards soaring. His Topps Chrome Update Negative refractor from 2017 remains under $1000 but would explode to $5,000-10,000 with such an accomplishment.

Other established stars like Ronald Acuña Jr., Mookie Betts, Juan Soto and Fernando Tatis Jr. will see strong long term gains as well, especially for low-numbered parallels. Acuña’s 2018 Bowman Chrome Prospects Rainbow Foil Parallel /25 sells for $3,000-5,000 already. A Tatis Jr. Topps Chrome Yellow Refractor /2018 from 2019 could reach $10,000 down the road.


Autograph cards are also highly sought after. Top rookies like Rodriguez, Witt and Strider could see their Topps Chrome Autograph cards settle in the $1,000-2,000 range long term. Superfractor autographs of stars like Ohtani and Trout would command 5 figures or more.

While the 2023 Topps Baseball set has yet to be released, keep a close eye on the top rookies and stars as there will certainly be cards that emerge as long term blue chip investments. The rarer parallels of players with superstar potential and accomplishments have the highest upside, but even base rookies of future Hall of Famers will hold value for decades to come. With the never ending growth of the hobby, these cards are a worthwhile collectible asset class.

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