The 2023 Topps baseball card series is set to be released in February 2023, and as with every new series, there are always certain cards collectors will be eagerly seeking. Whether it’s rookie cards of the game’s next superstars, special parallels and inserts, or milestone moments captured on cardboard, here are some of the top 2023 Topps baseball cards collectors will want to track down.

Perhaps the most sought-after cards every year are the rookie cards of players expected to become the future faces of MLB. 2023 looks to have no shortage of elite rookie talent, headlined by Cardinals shortstop Jordan Walker. The No. 2 overall pick from the 2020 draft, Walker had a breakout season in 2022 hitting over .300 between Double-A and Triple-A. His autographed and non-autographed rookies will likely be at the top of many want lists.

Other top rookie cards to watch for include Druw Jones (Braves), Elijah Green (Royals), and Dustin Harris (Red Sox). Jones, the No. 2 pick in 2022, has five-tool potential and pedigree as the son of former MLB star Andruw Jones. Green has enormous raw power that could make him a perennial 30-homer threat. Harris has plus speed and defense in center field with developing offensive skills. All three should be regular big leaguers sooner than later.


For autographed rookie cards, keep an eye out for parallels and serially numbered versions, which provide the best chance at finding an autograph. Topps Update and Topps Chrome are also must-haves, as they often feature additional rookie variations and autographs not seen in the base set.

Veteran stars will also see some standout cards in 2023 Topps as milestones are reached. Look for cards commemorating Albert Pujols’ 700th home run, Joey Votto playing in his 2,000th game, and Miguel Cabrera potentially hitting his 3,000th hit. Topps usually produces parallel and serially numbered “hit king” style cards in anticipation of milestones that can gain significant value post-achievement.

Topps Chrome and Topps Update are also where you’ll find the best short prints and parallels. Topps Chrome in particular is known for its refractors, prisms, and other visually striking card designs. The most coveted will be 1/1 printing plates and serially numbered parallels like gold /10, black /5, and especially the elusive chrome red /1s. Even common parallels like blues and greens hold collector interest due to the aesthetics of the chrome treatment.


Topps Update has also become a haven for rare autographs and serially numbered parallels in recent years. Keep an eye out for rare autograph parallels like /5, /10 in the base set, as well as coveted autographs and parallels of big stars in the Allen & Ginter’s and Stadium Club subsets within Update. The insert cards in Update also feature some of the more unique and visually interesting parallels like the “Galaxy” and “Nebula” parallels numbered to /25 or less.

Topps Archives pays homage to vintage designs and is a must-have for collectors seeking retro-style cards. The 2023 edition will feature designs from the 1970s. Look for serially numbered parallels like Gold /50 and Black /10, as well as 1/1 printing plates capturing the old-school aesthetic. Archives Snapshots also provide unique mini cards highlighting milestone moments.

Topps Finest takes card design and production quality to another level with its ultra-premium offerings. Finest parallels like the Green Foil /99, Red /25, and especially the coveted Black /5 and 1/1 Black Gold plate parallels will be out of many collectors’ price ranges but provide the “holy grail” chase for those who can afford them.


Topps Heritage pays tribute to the classic designs of the 1950s and 1960s with its retro styling. Like Archives, serially numbered parallels and printing plates capture the vintage look while providing a modern collector experience. Heritage High Number also features additional player cards and parallels after the base set has been pulled.

Finally, Topps Transcendent offers the true high-end experience with its hand-collated 1/1 cards featuring coveted patches, autographs, and memorabilia relics of the game’s biggest stars. While costing thousands per card, Transcendent provides the ultimate unique collectible for those seeking true one-of-a-kind pieces.

Whether it’s chasing rookies, commemorating milestones, or seeking the rarest parallels and serial numbers, the 2023 Topps series is primed to deliver outstanding cards across its various product lines. For collectors, it will be an exciting year pursuing these and other standouts from the flagship Topps brand. The 2023 release can’t come soon enough.

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