The 2020 baseball season was one unlike any other in history due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Major League Baseball embarked on a shortened 60-game regular season that saw numerous schedule changes and safety protocols implemented. Despite the unusual circumstances, the season saw great individual and team performances. Topps once again produced the annual complete set of baseball cards for the 2020 MLB season.

Collecting the Topps complete baseball card set is a time-honored hobby for many fans. Each year Topps includes all current MLB players in their complete sets. The 2020 Topps series 1 release continued this tradition by featuring all 30 MLB teams. The base cards had a black bordered design with the team logo featured prominently at the bottom. On the back was each player’s statistic from the prior 2019 season as well as career stats and a short biography. Rookies and stars received special parallel inserts with foil and refractor variants adding to the allure.

Topps also produces specialty sets within their flagship release that highlight different aspects of the game. This included ‘Stadium Club’ cards with an embossed team logo appearing as if stamped directly onto the photo. These premium cards stood out amongst the base collection. Another subset was the ‘Photo Finishes’ cards showcasing iconic action shots from the prior season. Topps also paid tribute to baseball history with ‘Topps Now’ flashback cards recreating snapshots from the past like Carlton Fisk’s famous home run in the 1975 World Series.


Completing a full Topps series 1 set can be a challenge for collectors. The flagship release includes over 700 cards between the base roster cards and inserts. Some of the scarcer parallels and short printed veterans can be difficult to find without trading with others. Topps released several different retail and hobby box configurations to help collectors chase the complete set. Hobby boxes guarantee autograph or memorabilia cards to incentivize buyers. Retail blaster and hanger packs offered an affordable entry point but contained fewer packs making it tougher to finish.

The top rookies and prospects each year are highly sought after in baseball card sets. The 2020 class did not disappoint as future stars like Cristian Pache, Gavin Lux and Dylan Carlson saw their rookie cards acquire significant worth. Top prospects like Adley Rutschman and Spencer Torkelson were peppered throughout the inserts as collectors eagerly awaited their MLB debuts. Veterans and Franchise players carried premium values as well from stars like Mike Trout, Christian Yelich and Ronald Acuña Jr. Each player’s signings, injuries or accomplishments directly impacted the demand for their cards.

While the 2020 MLB season experienced delays and alterations, Topps still delivered a complete baseball card set for collectors. Fans could collect the entire league’s players despite the unusual season. Rookies, prospects and established stars spurred demand amongst collectors chasing their favorite talents. Building a full flagship Topps set also allowed collectors to revisit the prior season’s stats and highlights through the memorable snapshots on each card. Completing a full year’s set is a rite of passage many collectors seek to achieve as both a fun challenge and memento from that unique pandemic year in baseball history. Going forward, the abnormal 2020 season will undoubtedly have impacts on the collecting landscape and values of the cards from that set.


Beyond the flagship Topps release, there were many additional baseball card products releasing cards from the 2020 season. Topps Chrome and Allen & Ginter delivered parallel versions of the Topps cards with shiny refractors adding sparkle and premium parallels like orange foil and purple refractors for collectors to chase. Bowman took the prospect hype to new levels with their young star laden releases like Bowman Draft, Bowman Platinum and Bowman’s Best highlighting future studs like Bobby Witt Jr. and Max Meyer. Panini Donruss produced flashy on-card autographs and low numbered parallels in their “Optic” and “Spectrum” variations.

For collectors seeking autographed memorabilia cards from 2020, Topps Archives Signature Series and Allen & Ginter delivered hit cards featuring swatches, patches or autographed squares from today’s elite talent. Even specialty independent brands like Leaf produced limited releases saluting the recent season. Collectors could find niches across this wide array of products honoring the abbreviated 2020 MLB campaign through colorful parallels, prospect potential and coveted autographs from the game’s brightest stars. Despite the challenges of COVID-19, a vibrant marketplace for 2020 baseball cards emerged amongst hobbyists celebrating the season through lasting cardboard keepsakes from their favorite players and teams.


While the 2020 MLB season was atypical, Topps and other trading card companies still produced an array of products honoring that unique year and the sport’s biggest talents. Completing the flagship Topps flagship baseball card release allows collectors to remember all 30 teams and their rosters from that unusual season interrupted by the pandemic. Rookies, prospects and established veterans continued to motivate collectors across these various 2020 baseball card releases. Building complete sets or chasing favorite players through inserts and parallels are timeless traditions that connected fans to the game even during challenging circumstances. Overall, 2020 baseball cards thrived despite a shortened MLB campaign, keeping the hobby buzzing amongst collectors celebrating America’s pastime through colorful cardboard during an unprecedented season.

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