The 2019 Donruss baseball card set was released on March 27, 2019 and featured players from every Major League Baseball team. Some of the key storylines and details surrounding the 2019 Donruss set include:

Design – For 2019, Donruss continued with their classic 1990s design aesthetic that had been reintroduced in recent years. The front of the base cards featured a centered headshot of the player along with their name across the top and team logo at the bottom. Statistics from the previous season were listed on the back along with a brief career synopsis. Insert sets in the product also maintained a similar ’90s inspired design look focused around primary colors, clean fonts, and graphics of the Donruss logo and baseball imagery.

Base Set – The base card checklist included all current MLB players as well as a selection of retired stars and prospects. Rated rookies and stars were featured in the base set which spanned 366 total cards after accounting for variations. The base set was printed on thin, high-gloss cardboard stock meant to emulate the original late 80s/early 90s Donruss design.


Parallels – In addition to the base set, Donruss offered multiple parallels that were inserted throughout packs and boxes at different rarity levels. The most common were blue and red parallels while rarer versions included gold (/50), silver (/25) and black (/10) parallels. For the first time, Donruss also featured ‘Donruss Debut’ parallels highlighting the first card in the brand for major rookie debuts.

Insert Sets – Highlighting some of the top returning insert sets were ‘Diamond Kings’ featuring refractor-like parallels of superstar players, ‘Clubhouse Collection’ chronicling famous MLB clubhouses, and ‘Stars of the 90s’ remembering greats from Donruss’ heyday. New inserts like ‘League Leaders’ and ‘Stars of the Game’ were introduced showcasing the past season’s top performers.

Rookies – With many top prospects having made their MLB debuts in 2018, the 2019 Donruss class was loaded with potential stars. Some of the biggest names included Fernando Tatis Jr, Eloy Jimenez, Victor Robles, Jack Flaherty, Shane Bieber and Lucas Giolito who all received various parallels and rookie card treatments. Tatis Jr’s autograph was one of the most sought after pulls as a prized dual-sport RC.


Autographs/Memorabilia – As with prior years, Donruss continued to offer high-end autograph and memorabilia cards through their ‘Diamond Kings’ and ‘Clubhouse Collection’ inserts including 1/1 plates and patches. Notable hits ranged from Ronald Acuna Jr autos to pieces of jersey from all-time greats like Ken Griffey Jr and Mike Piaxko. Limited logoman and dual-relic cards were also highlights.

Hobby/Retail Release – Similar to 2018, the 2019 Donruss release was split between the high-end ‘Hobby’ products found in hobby shops versus the lower-priced retail blasters/hangers available at major retailers. Both tiers included the full base set checklist however hobby boxes came with thicker bonus packs housing premium inserts and parallels while retail had fewer extras. Mini boxes bridged the divide.

Legacy – As it approached its 30th anniversary, Donruss continued establishing its modern legacy as one of the most nostalgic brands in the hobby. While not attaining the same pop or credit as brands like Topps, Panini was successfully recreating the smooth classic Donruss aesthetic fans remembered from childhood. Strong rookie classes and exciting inserts kept the brand growing each year and positioned it as a staple product for both collectors and investors.


The 2019 Donruss release built upon the retro designs and themes that had helped bring the brand back to prominence in recent years. Loaded rookie lineups, attractive parallels and high-end inserts satisfied fans both old and new to the iconic baseball card manufacturer. While not necessarily the biggest brand, under Panini’s stewardship Donruss had firmly cemented its place back amongst the sports card industry’s elite players. 2019 marked another solid installment that boded well for the brand’s ongoing revival and future in capturing the nostalgia of baseball card collectors worldwide.

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