The 2019 baseball season saw many rookie stars make their MLB debuts and established veterans continue to produce at high levels. As with any year, certain baseball cards from 2019 releases have gained valuable and some could become quite lucrative long-term investments. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top 2019 baseball cards that currently hold strong worth and have potential to increase in value over time.

Starting with rookies, cards of Philadelphia Phillies starter Aaron Nola from 2019 Topps products have already gained value after another strong season cementing his status as one of baseball’s best young arms. In PSA 10 condition, Nola’s base rookie card now sells for around $50-75 but could multiply in price if he continues elevating his game and resume. Fellow Phillie pitchers Spencer Howard and Alec Bohm also made their MLB debuts in 2020 and have seen early card prices gain due to prospect hype and future potential. Howard and Bohm rookie cards from 2019 Bowman Draft and 2020 Topps have sold for $10-25 each so far but could appreciate greatly if either becomes an impact big leaguer.

Moving to the American League, players like Bo Bichette, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Yordan Alvarez made splashes on the big league scene in 2019. Bichette and Guerrero especially took the baseball world by storm as two of the best Blue Jays prospects in recent memory. Their 2019 Topps Chrome and Bowman Chrome rookie refractors have already climbed above the $100 mark in high grades due to their immediate popularity and production. If either turns into a superstar, those early cards could multiply in value by massive amounts down the road. Alvarez didn’t debut until late 2019 but made a strong impression with prodigious power. His base rookie cards now change hands for $25-50 and might grow steeply if he becomes a perennial All-Star and continues mashing at a prolific rate.


The National League also saw future stars in Pete Alonso, Fernando Tatis Jr. and others. Alonso took home 2019 NL Rookie of the Year honors after swatting a rookie record 53 home runs for the New York Mets. His flagship Topps Chrome rookie refractor has settled around the $150-250 range for top grades due to his massive popularity and power potential. If Alonso keeps hitting at such a high rate for years to come, those early cards could net collectors thousands someday. Tatis burst onto the scene as one of baseball’s most exciting young talents in 2019 with the San Diego Padres. While injuries slowed his momentum some in 2020, Tatis’ electrifying play and top prospect pedigree have pushed his 2019 Topps Series 1 rookie card values up near $100 PSA 10 already. Increased longevity and production at an elite level long-term could make his early cards explode in secondary market worth.


Beyond rookies, superstar veterans from 2019 like Christian Yelich, Cody Bellinger, Mike Trout and others still carry valuable cardboard. Trout remained arguably the best player in baseball in 2019 and any of his base cards from the season in high grades move for $100-300 minimum. Yelich and Bellinger came off incredible 2018 campaigns by winning the NL MVP and NL races again respectively in 2019. Their 2019 Topps flagship and Chrome parallels have remained hot, with PSA 10 examples selling $75-200. Those early cards for proven future Hall of Famers should only gain in value through the coming decades.

2019 also saw historic performances from veteran sluggers like Ronald Acuna Jr. and Mookie Betts that spiked cardboard interest. Acuna followed up his 2018 Rookie of the Year season by batting .280 with 41 home runs and 37 stolen bases for the Atlanta Braves at just age 21, showing frightening all-around skills. His already-valuable rookie cards skyrocketed and 2019 updates gained appreciation too, with hobby-direct parallels reaching $50-150. Betts also proceeded one of the best individual seasons ever by any ballplayer in 2018 en route to a Red Sox World Series, then batted .295 with 29 homers and 80 RBI in a down year by his lofty standards in 2019. Top Betts cards including flagship rookies and 2019 Topps parallels command $75-300 based on his career production and ultimate Hall of Fame potential.


Beyond players, there were also several major moments and milestones commemorated in 2019 baseball cards that spiked interest. Cards recognizing Albert Pujols’ journey to 700 career home runs, Mariano Rivera’s unanimous Hall of Fame induction and cards celebrating historic ballparks like Baltimore’s Camden Yards and Toronto’s SkyDome carried premium value after those achievements. Parallel and autograph versions of such “hits” could sell in the hundreds due to capturing such iconic moments. Rookies like Bo Bichette and Vladimir Guerrero Jr. also had a father-son debut moment in Toronto that was spotlighted on 2019 cards interesting to collectors of full sets and themes.

While only a year removed, many 2019 baseball cards stand out as especially collectible and hold valuable worth based around star players, historic accomplishments and intriguing rookie debuts. Continued production from stars like Trout, Bellinger, deGrom and others as well as meteoric ascents of newcomers such as Acuna, Tatis and Bichette have defined the past year in cardboard and those trends seem positioned to amplify secondary market values moving forward. For discerning collectors, certain 2019 rookies, parallels and memorabilia cards offer strong long-term potential as investments if held for appreciation over the coming decades.

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