The 1994 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice baseball card set is one of the most popular and valuable sets from the early and mid-1990s sports card boom.Released towards the tail end of the boom in 1994 before the market would eventually crash, Collector’s Choice featured spectacular gold foil parallels and stunning black and white photography that helped drive interest in the set. While there are countless commons in the 512 card base set that hold little value today, some of the parallels and particularly the rookie cards have increased tremendously in worth over the past few decades. Here are some of the most valuable 1994 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice baseball cards:

Ken Griffey Jr. Gold Refractor – Griffey was already one of the biggest young stars in the game in 1994 and his gold refractor parallel from Collector’s Choice is one of the true holy grails from the 1990s. The rare gold version of his base card is estimated to be worth around $15,000 to $20,000 in mint condition. Any Griffey rookie parallel from this set commands big money from collectors.


Alex Rodriguez Gold Refractor – A-Rod was still a few years away from superstardom as a Mariner in 1994 but his talent was evident and the gold refractor of his rookie card is second in value only to Griffey’s. Mint examples have sold for over $10,000 in recent years.

Chipper Jones Gold Refractor – Jones was just starting to break out as the No. 1 pick of the 1990 MLB draft for the Braves and his Collector’s Choice rookie card gold parallel is highly sought after by Atlanta fans. Graded gem mint PSA 10 exemplars have brought nearly $8,000 at auction.

Derek Jeter Gold Refractor – As one of the most iconic Yankees of all-time, Jeter’s early card parallels hold tremendous nostalgia. While not quite as scarce as the above three, his Collector’s Choice gold refractor still fetches $4,000-5,000 for top condition copies.

Nomar Garciaparra Gold Refractor – Garciaparra’s explosive rookie season of 1997 made him one of the most hyped young stars entering 1994 and his Collector’s Choice gold parallel rookie is the key card from his early collection. Near-mint to mint versions sell for $3,000-$4,000.


Manny Ramirez Gold Refractor – Already a masher in the Cleveland lineup by 1994, Ramirez’ prodigious power was evident even in the early days of his career. Like Nomar, his gold refractor rookie commands $3,000-4,000 for top examples.

Ken Griffey Jr. & Barry Larkin Dual Autograph – Perhaps the true one-of-a-kind gem from Collector’s Choice is this rare dual autograph card featuring hometown hero Griffey and All-Star shortstop Larkin of the Reds. Only a handful are reported to exist and one graded mint 9.5 recently brought over $15,000 at auction.

other notables include the gold refractors of Johnny Damon ($2,500), Travis Lee ($2,000), and Vladimir Guerrero ($2,000) among many other star rookies and prospects from the mid-1990s. The common black and white base cards of superstars like Griffey, Frank Thomas, Greg Maddux, and other Hall of Famers from their early years hold nominal value of $10-30 even in played condition.

While supplies of the gold refractors, dual autographs, and true gems from Collector’s Choice are extremely limited after nearly 30 years, there is still decent availability of the base set cards across the majority of the key rookies and young stars from the mid-1990s. Grading has also enhanced collectability, with PSA/BGS populations under 100 copies for many of the premium parallels. Condition is critical – a small crease or nick can chop thousands off the price.


For astute collectors who acquired intact sets or individual stars in the early-2000s before the vintage boom, Collector’s Choice holds tremendous nostalgia and value appreciation. While the true one-of-a-kind cards attract six-figure prices, there are still relatively affordable options across the $100-$1,000 range for gems of players like Jeter, Griffey, A-Rod, Jones, and others. As one of the last truly “vintage” sports card releases before the market corrections, 1994 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice endures as one of the most collectible and valuable mainstream baseball sets for traders and investors. While reckless speculation is behind us, this set’s enduring appeal to both reminiscing fans and savvy collectors ensure it will hold a place in the hobby for decades to come.

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