The 1989 Topps baseball card set was released at the tail end of the junk wax era during which production numbers were extremely high, damping card values for many mid-range players. Some key rookie cards and stars from that season hold value even today. Here’s a look at some of the more valuable 1989 Topps baseball cards based on PSA 10 gem mint condition and recent eBay sale prices.

Ken Griffey Jr. (card #1) – Widely considered one of the best rookie cards of all time, Griffey’s ’89 Topps debuted him perfectly timing his wingspread jump. High grade PSA 10 examples still fetch $400-500 due to his iconic status as a true five-tool star and longtime fan favorite.

Barry Bonds (card #139) – Just beginning to display his prodigious power, Bonds’ second Topps card holds interest for investors. PSA 10s have sold for $150-200 reflecting his pre-steroids peak form and Hall of Fame career.


Greg Maddux (card #310) – Mad Dog’s rookie card subtly foreshadowed a fantastic pitching career that would yield 355 wins, four Cy Young Awards and a 2.15 ERA. PSA 10s trade hands for $150-200 due to his dominant pitching prowess and longevity in the bigs until age 41.

Rickey Henderson (card #458) – The buildup to Henderson breaking Lou Brock’s stolen base record was a major storyline in ’89. His speed and leadoff skills created highlight reels for over two decades. PSA 10s can earn $75-100.

Ben McDonald (card #629) – Considered one of the finest pitching prospects ever, injuries sadly waylaid McDonald’s career. Still, his rookie card from a storied Orioles organization draws interest from collectors. PSA 10s sell for $50-75.

Tom Glavine (card #686) – Glavine’s rookie card quietly foretold a Hall of Fame career anchored by intelligent pitching for 22 big league seasons. PSA 10 examples are valued at $50-75.

Greg Vaughn (card #741) – “The Big Monster” flashed prodigious power early, foreshadowed by his nickname on his RC from the cross-town rival Padres. PSA 10s have reached $40-60.


Dennis Martinez (card #751) – El Presidente’s iconic perfect game card and lengthy MLB career gives this player collection value. PSA 10s have sold between $30-50.

Cecil Fielder (card #846) – As a Tigers slugger, Fielder smashed 51 home runs in 1990 en route to being named AL MVP, fueling interest in this rookie card. PSA 10 examples sell for $20-30.

Gary Sheffield (card #859) – “Sheff” was a five-tool star and career .292 hitter whose elite skills are well represented on his RC. PSA 10s go for $15-25.

Carlos Baerga (card #896) – The dynamic young Indians infielder flirted with hitting .300 every season from 1990-94. PSA 10 examples of his RC have sold for $10-20.

Jeff Montgomery (card #905) – A solid relief pitcher who would save 157 games, Montgomery’s card appeals to Royals fans and collectors. PSA 10s regularly trade at $10-15.


Scott Bankhead (card #985) – The lefty Bankhead debuted with a Rookie All-Star nod in ’89 for the Rangers. Condition sensitive RCs have reached $8-12.

Nelson Liriano (card #1003) – An intriguing Twins prospect, injuries blunted Liriano’s career but his name value draws interest. PSA 10s sell for $5-8.

The 1989 Topps set also included future Hall of Famers such as Robin Yount, Wade Boggs, Nolan Ryan, Carlton Fisk and Ozzie Smith whose high grade examples retain value due to their prestige and performances, usually $20-40 in PSA 10 condition. While production numbers leave many cards below $10, there is nostalgia and opportunity in digging through this junk wax era set seeking the overlooked gems that could appreciate as the years roll by. The hallmark rookie cards of Griffey, Bonds, Maddux and others will likely always be worth investing in no matter the era.

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