The 1989 Bowman baseball card set is considered one of the more valuable issues from the late 1980s. Produced by Topps Bowman Gum Company, the 1989 Bowman set showcased talent from Major League Baseball during that season. Some key rookies and stars from that era are featured in the set and certain rare and coveted cards have increased greatly in value over the past 30+ years. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the top 1989 Bowman baseball cards worth money for collectors and investors.

Ken Griffey Jr. Rookie Card – Widely considered the crown jewel of the 1989 Bowman set, Griffey’s rookie card is the most valuable in the entire issue. Often going for well over $1000 in mint condition, the Griffey rookie debuted “The Kid” on the national stage and helped cement his superstar status. His sweet left-handed swing and great defense in center field made him a fan favorite. Even years after retirement, Griffey remains one of the most iconic players in MLB history.

Dave Justice Rookie Card – While not quite as sought after as Griffey, Justice still had a solid career and his rookie is still one of the top rookie cards from ’89 Bowman. Typically selling for $50-150 depending on grade, Justice was an Above-average power hitter who made three All-Star teams. He won a World Series title with the Atlanta Braves in 1995.


Roberto Alomar Rookie Card – Alomar went on to become a twelve-time All-Star and ten-time Gold Glove winner at second base. Highly skilled with the glove and bat, Alomar’s stellar career only enhances the value of his rookie card. Graded examples can sell for upwards of $200 due to his Hall of Fame caliber play.

Jeff Bagwell Rookie Card – As one of the most feared hitters of the 1990s, Bagwell crushed 449 home runs and made 4 All-Star appearances as a career .297 hitter for the Astros. His rookie is one of the more valuable from ’89 Bowman, routinely selling for $100-250 based on condition.

Derek Jeter Rookie Card – While not officially a true “rookie” since Jeter made his MLB debut in 1995, his first Bowman card is still highly sought after. Regarded as one of the classiest and most accomplished players ever, Jeter’s legendary career and status as a New York Yankees icon make this card extra collectible. Near Mint versions sell for $250-500.


Chipper Jones Rookie Card – Like Bagwell, Jones had a Hall of Fame career spending his entire 19 years with the Atlanta Braves. A perennial All-Star and MVP award winner, Chipper was rightly admired as one of the game’s all-time great switch hitters. His rookie card steadily gains value and now sells for $150-300 on average.

Other stars who debuted in the 1989 Bowman set include Frank Thomas, Tom Glavine, and Bobby Witt. All were impact MLB players and their rookie cardsretain collector interest in the $50-150 range. While not quite in the league of Griffey, Alomar or Jeter, these cards still hold significance as the first official cards issued for such talented ballplayers.

In terms of chase cards at the high-end, a BGS/PSA 10 graded Ken Griffey Jr. rookie has been known to eclipse $10,000 at auction. Even a grade 9 copy could bring $5,000+. Of course, pristine Trout,Harper and Acuña Jr. rookies tend to outpace Griffey these days but none have quite the storied vintage appeal and baseball history behind them.


Beyond the acclaimed rookies, star veterans like Don Mattingly, Fernando Valenzuela, Wade Boggs and Nolan Ryan add cachet and value to the set as a whole. It’s also a fun issue to collect due to the colorful and cartoonish Turn Back The Clock design used on many of the cards. With clean examples still widely available in the $1-5 range, 1989 Bowman remains an accessible and investment-worthy vintage release for new collectors. As decades pass, its legendary rookies will likely continue their steady appreciation.

The 1989 Topps Bowman baseball card setholds significant nostalgia and monetary worth for collectors three decades after its original printing. Headlined by mega stars like Griffey, Alomar, Bagwell and Jeter, it proudly debuted some of the best players from that era. Whether seeking major icons or overlooked gems, this vintage issue has plenty to offer fans both young and old. With timeless design, entertaining artwork and coveted rookie cards, 1989 Bowman is sure to retain its place as an essential part of baseball card history.

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