The 1996 Topps baseball card set was released at the height of the baseball card trading card boom of the 1990s. While not as famous as the legendary 1952 Topps or rookie card-laden 1988 Topps sets, the ’96 Topps cards featured some of the game’s biggest stars and future Hall of Famers. After over 25 years since its release, several 1996 Topps cards have increased tremendously in value and are highly sought after by collectors. Here are the 10 most valuable 1996 Topps baseball cards based on their current PSA 10 gem mint graded values:

Brett Butler (#486) – Around $250

Brett Butler was a speedy outfielder who was one of the NL’s top base stealers in the late 1980s and early 1990s. His best seasons came with the Dodgers in the late 80s, stealing over 50 bags twice. Butler’s 1996 Topps card value has risen over the years, currently fetching around $250 in PSA 10 condition due to his status as a relatively obscure yet productive player from the mid-90s.

Greg Maddux (#72) – $300-$350

Widely considered one of the greatest pitchers ever, Greg Maddux won at least 15 games every season from 1992-2003 while leading the NL in ERA five times and strikeouts once. His impeccable control and unmatched consistency put him in elite company. Maddux’s ’96 Topps rookie card has gained value steadily as his legacy has grown, now selling for $300-$350 in mint condition 25 years later.

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Paul Molitor (#393) – $350-$400

A Hall of Famer and one of the best hitting third basemen ever, Molitor put together an illustrious 21-year career. In 1996, Molitor was in the early stages of his role as the designated hitter for the Twins late in his career after battling injuries. His name recognition and Cooperstown credentials make his 1996 Topps relatively valuable at $350-$400 in PSA 10 form.

Roberto Alomar (#120) – $400-$450

Another future Hall of Famer, Roberto Alomar was arguably the best second baseman in baseball throughout the 1990s after winning a Gold Glove in each of his first 10 seasons. Alomar’s incredible talent and popularity as a fan favorite during MLB’s revival of the mid-90s has led demand for his 1996 Topps card, now worth $400+ in pristine condition.

Kirby Puckett (#248) – $450-$500

Kirby Puckett epitomized clutch hitting as a beloved Twins star, winning two World Series titles. Tragically, Puckett’s career and life were cut short due to health issues in 2006. As one of few stars whose baseball output perfectly matches their card value, Puckett’s ’96 Topps card remains one of the most desirable from the set at $450-$500 in top grades to this day.


Roy Halladay (#678) – $500-550

While not a star yet in 1996, Roy Halladay was on the cusp of transforming into arguably the greatest pitcher of the 2000s as his Toronto Blue Jays career took off. His dominance and two Cy Young awards later in his career have made his rookie card highly collectible today at $500-550 in top condition.

Barry Bonds (#93) – $600-$650

The 1996 season was the start of Barry Bond’s domination as the most feared slugger in baseball. He would go on to smash the all-time home run record and win 7 MVPs in his storied if controversial career. Even with off-field issues later on, Bonds’ ’96 Topps rookie card remains among the most sought after at $600-650 in PSA 10 today due to his incredible on-field production.

Ken Griffey Jr. (#91) – $750-$800

One of the most talented and charismatic players ever, Ken Griffey Jr. was already a 6-time All-Star when the 1996 Topps set was released. Widely considered one of if not the greatest Topps card of all-time, Griffey Jr’s 1996 rookie card achieves astronomical prices, last selling PSA 10 for $750-$800.

Derek Jeter (#624) – $1,000-$1,200

Budding into a superstar by 1996, Derek Jeter went on to cement his legacy as the beloved longtime Yankees captain and face of MLB for two decades. His accomplishments and all-around superstardom have created immense demand for his 1996 Topps rookie card, which now sells in perfect condition for upwards of $1,000.

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Piazza (#82) – $1,500+

Catcher Mike Piazza’s 1996 Topps rookie card takes the top spot due to his combination of massive talent, fame and Italian-American heritage resonating strongly with collectors. Seen as a key figure who helped baseball’s popularity surge in the 1990s, Piazza’s ’96 Topps rookie has sold for as high as $1,600 PSA 10, making it the most expensive card from this entire set to date.

The star power and historical significance of players featured in the 1996 Topps set like Griffey Jr., Piazza, Jeter and Bonds have led key cards from that year to explode in secondary market value. Over 25 years later, select ’96 Topps rookies and stars remain highly coveted and in high demand by serious collectors. As more time passes, several other cards could continue their ascent like Maddux and Alomar who have only grown in stature since their playing days ended.

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