The 1992 Leaf Studio baseball card set is highly sought after by collectors due to its innovative hologram technology and creative card designs. With only 108 cards produced, finding high quality versions of some of the biggest stars from that era can be quite challenging. Here’s a look at the 10 most valuable cards from the 1992 Leaf Studio set, along with details about each player and estimates of what mint condition copies could sell for today.

Tom Glavine (#29) – Around $150

Tom Glavine was one of the premier left-handed pitchers of the 1990s, winning 305 games and two Cy Young Awards over a stellar 22-year career spent mostly with the Atlanta Braves. The 1992 Leaf Studio captured Glavine early in his career dominance. High-grade versions of his card closer to a mint 10 could command over $150.

Greg Maddux (#30) – $175-200

Like Glavine, Greg Maddux was a workhorse pitcher who enjoyed huge success in the 1990s. Maddux is considered one of the best control pitchers ever with 4 straight Cy Young Awards from 1992-1995. He would finish his career with 355 wins. Mint condition copies of his 1992 Studio rookie card often sell in the $175-200 range.


Ken Griffey Jr. (#40) – $200-250

Arguably the most recognizable name in the 1992 Leaf Studio set is Ken Griffey Jr. as he was already one of baseball’s brightest young stars. Griffey went on to have a Hall of Fame career and was a fan favorite known for his effortless swing and pristine defense in center field. Near-mint to mint copies tend to sell between $200-250.

Barry Bonds (#57) – $250-300

Barry Bonds was one of the best players of his generation and started his legendary career with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1992. This Studio rookie card is a key piece to any Bonds collection. Graded gems in the PSA 9-10 range will sell for $250-300 given his iconic status, despite personal controversies later in his career.

Frank Thomas (#66) – $300-350

“The Big Hurt” started putting up huge power numbers from the beginning of his MLB tenure with the Chicago White Sox in 1990. By 1992 he was already recognized as one of the premier sluggers in baseball. Highly graded copies of his Studio rookie card reflecting his early stardom achieve $300-350 at auction.


Mike Piazza (#76) – $350-400

Catcher Mike Piazza was one of the best offensive players at his position in MLB history. He made his debut in 1992 with the Dodgers and burst onto the scene immediately, winning Rookie of the Year. Near-mint to mint Piazza rookie cards are very tough to come by and valued at $350-400.

Randy Johnson (#80) – $400-450

“The Big Unit” possessed some of the nastiest stuff ever seen on a pitching mound. By 1992 he was already showing glimpses of dominance for the Seattle Mariners. His intimidating 6’10” frame and triple-digit heat made for one of the most visually impressive rookie cards ever printed. Gem mint 10s command $400-450.

Derek Jeter (#86) – $500-600

As the longtime face of the New York Yankees franchise, Derek Jeter remains one of baseball’s most iconic stars. His rookie card carries a handsome premium even in PSA 8-9 condition due to his enduring popularity and on-field success. Near-mint to mint copies consistently sell for $500-600 or more.

Pedro Martinez (#97) – $650-750

Pedro Martinez’s devastating arsenal made him one of the most feared pitchers in the late 1990s and 2000s. The ace righty started with the Dodgers organization in 1992 before getting traded. This rookie card captures Martinez at the beginning of his Hall of Fame peak. Graded gems change hands for $650-750.


Chipper Jones (#104) – $800-1000

Chipper Jones enjoyed one of the finest careers of any third baseman ever while starring for the Atlanta Braves throughout the 1990s-2000s. His 1992 Studio rookie represents one of the key baseball cards from the set, often realizing prices between $800-1000 for PSA 9-10 quality specimens. As one of the true superstars of his generation, Jones’ rookie maintains a stronghold at the top of this list.

The 1992 Leaf Studio baseball card set endures tremendous collector interest due to the all-star caliber talent it features starting their careers. Keys like Chipper Jones, Pedro Martinez and Derek Jeter leading the way exemplify why this product remains a popular vintage investment area over thirty years later. With condition-sensitive values that can really gain value grading, it’s no surprise this set continues to enthral collectors.

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