The 1974 Topps baseball card set marked the beginning of one of the most iconic era’s in the sport’s history. Led by superstars like Hank Aaron, Nolan Ryan, and Johnny Bench, the mid-1970s gave baseball fans some truly unforgettable moments. Not surprisingly, many of the star players from that timeframe are represented amongst the most valuable 1974 Topps cards today. Card values can fluctuate over time based on player performance, Hall of Fame induction, and collectibility trends. The following 10 cards have consistently proven to be the cream of the crop from the 1974 Topps set in terms of monetary worth.

Nolan Ryan (#159) – Often regarded as the greatest power pitcher of all-time, Nolan Ryan’s 1974 Topps rookie card is the undisputed gem of the set. Ryan had already established himself as a fireballer in his first few big league seasons but was still forging his legendary status in ’74. With his hair flowing as wildly as his 100+ mph fastball, the imposing Ryan stares intensely from the front of this iconic rookie card. In top graded condition like PSA 10, Ryan’s 1974 Topps RC has sold for over $30,000.


Hank Aaron (#250) – Hammerin’ Hank would swat his record-breaking 715th career home run in the spring of ’74, passing Babe Ruth for the all-time lead. Aaron’s accomplishment was a watershed moment for baseball and society. His 1974 Topps issue depicts Aaron with the iconic home run pose and celebrates the historic season. Top-graded examples have crossed the $10,000 mark at auction.

Johnny Bench (#126) – Arguably the greatest catcher in MLB history, Johnny Bench was in his prime in 1974 while leading the “Big Red Machine” Reds dynasty. Bench captured his fourth of seven career NL MVP honors that year. The intense backstop exudes his trademark intimidating presence from this coveted issue. High-end PSA 10 copies have reached upwards of $9,000.

Tom Seaver (#283) – “Tom Terrific” was the ace of the high-powered Mets staff and had captured his third Cy Young award in 1973. Seaver’s smooth overhand delivery is captured perfectly on his 1974 card. As a Hall of Famer with one of the most iconic moustaches in sports, Seaver’s issue remains a constant fan favorite. PSA 10’s have sold for around $7,000.

Mike Schmidt (#493) – Schmidt would go on to become arguably the greatest third baseman ever, but in 1974 he was just starting to emerge as a true star. The rookie season of the soon-to-be 12-time All-Star and 3-time NL MVP is featured in pristine condition on this popular card of one of the game’s prestigious power hitters. Top-graded examples have traded for $6,000.


Reggie Jackson (#397) – Mr. October started making his October legend in 1974 while leading the A’s “Swingin’ A’s” to another championship. Jackson’s intimidating flex and glare perfectly depict his swagger and confidence. High-grade copies reflect his prime playing days and Hall of Fame enshrinement with values up to $5,000.

Carl Yastrzemski (#72) – Yaz continued his Hall of Fame playing career in 1974 while chasing hits records as the veteran Red Sox captain. His smooth lefty swing transition is captured on this popular issue of one of the game’s most accomplished players in the post-Ted Williams era. PSA 10’s have exceeded $4,000 at auction.

Rollie Fingers (#509) – 1974 was Fingers’ first All-Star season and the beginning of his dominance as one of baseball’s top closers. Fingers parlayed his iconic handlebar mustache and heads-up pitching style into great success over the following decade. His rising star status makes this a hotly sought after card reaching $3,500 PSA 10 value.


Nolan Ryan & Jim Palmer (#253) – Two of the game’s most intimidating pitchers are featured on this rare dual card. Ryan and Palmer were among the AL’s top hurlers at the time and both eventually took their place in Cooperstown. Population scarcity leads to PSA 10’s trading around $3,000.

Catfish Hunter (#185) – Hunter fronted the A’s solid starting rotation and captured the 1974 AL Cy Young award during a dominant season. The country strong righty stares down from the pitching mound, bringing collector attention this card’s way, especially at a $2,500 price point for a PSA 10.

The combination of rookie cards, superstars in their prime, Hall of Famers, and population scarcity have made Nolan Ryan, Hank Aaron, Johnny Bench and these other 1974 Topps issues amongst the most enduringly collectible cards from the entire set nearly 50 years later. As one of the most iconic vintage sports card releases ever, the 1974 Topps baseball set continues rewarding savvy collectors.

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