The 2023 Topps baseball card set was released in late 2022 and contains several rookies and stars that are already considered some of the most valuable cards from the release. With a full year of performance and further career milestones yet to come, some of these cards should continue to rise in value in the next few years.

One of the most coveted cards from the 2023 Topps set is the Mike Trout autograph card. Trout is considered one of the greatest players of all time and his autographed cards fetch some of the highest prices on the secondary market. The Trout auto from 2023 Series 1 is numbered to only 99 copies. Recent sales of PSA 10 graded versions of this card have sold for over $1,000, with prices likely to rise substantially in the years to come as long as Trout maintains his Hall of Fame caliber production.

Another star player who regularly has some of the most valuable cards is Shohei Ohtani of the Angels. As the only true two-way player in baseball able to both pitch and hit, Ohtani’s cards are in high demand. His autographed card from 2023 Topps Update Series, numbered to just 23 copies, has already sold for well over $2,000 in mint condition. Ohtani continues to put up video game numbers and capture the attention of both Japanese and American fans, giving his modern cards strong long term potential.


Top prospect cards are also some that merit attention, as these young stars could rise in fame and production over the coming years. One of the highest touted is Cardinals’ catcher and 2018 overall #1 draft pick Gunnar Henderson. His autograph from 2023 Series 1, numbered to just 99 copies, has achieved sales around the $500-700 range for PSA 10s. Henderson made his MLB debut in 2022 and appears to have a very high ceiling, making his cards early investments in what could develop into a superstar.

Another highly regarded rookie who saw cup of coffee action in 2022 is Mariners’ outfielder Julio Rodriguez. His autograph card from 2023 Topps Update Series numbered to only 23 copies has achieved some sales already over $1000 for perfect condition. Rodriguez made a huge impression in his debut and looks to be a foundational piece for the rising Mariners. With further stardom expected, his flagship rookie cards are ones to watch.


One position player rookie who burst onto the scene with an incredible 2022 campaign was Astros’ shortstop Jeremy Pena. As the 2022 ALCS and World Series MVP, Pena immediately became a household name. His Topps Chrome autograph from 2023, serial numbered to just 25 copies, has already commanded strong prices in the $700-1000 range. With generational talents like himself being so rare at a premium position, Pena’s rookie cards seem poised to maintain high demand.

For pitching prospects, Atlanta Braves’ Round 3 2018 draft pick Kenny McMinn looms large. In 2023 McMinn was promoted from Double-A straight to the majors where he made a strong impression. His autograph from 2023 Topps Update Series, serial numbered to only 23 copies, has received bids over $600. As the Braves churn out ace after ace from their farm to continued success, McMinn’s cards have allure as a potential future member of their young rotation.


This covers just a sampling of the elite rookie and star cards from the 2023 Topps baseball release that are already showcasing seven-figure potential long term. With so many young talents in the game today, the hobby remains flush with investing opportunities on future Hall of Famers. Cards for franchise cornerstones like Trout along with new emerging greats like Ohtani, Henderson and Rodriguez look positioned to retain strong secondary market demand. Keeping an eye on new breakout rookies each year like Pena also gives the chance to get in early on the next big stars before they reach superstardom. The 2023 Topps cards showcase all of these attributes of collectibles likely to stand the test of time.

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