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GotBaseballCards.com, also known as J&J Sports Superstore, is a leading online retailer and consignor of sports cards, memorabilia and collectibles. Founded in 1997 and based in Loganville, Georgia, GotBaseballCards has established itself as a premier destination for collectors, investors and enthusiasts of all ages to buy, sell and get their prized possessions professionally graded.

The website offers an extensive inventory of new and vintage sealed boxes and packs from companies such as Topps, Panini, Leaf and Upper Deck across various sports including baseball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer and more. This includes both modern and legacy products from the 1970s, 80s, 90s and early 2000s. They also have a wide assortment of individual cards, autographs, memorabilia, unopened continers and complete sets available. GotBaseballCards sources these items from a variety of wholesale distributors and private collectors.

In addition to retail, a major aspect of GotBaseballCards’ business is consignment services. They provide collectors with an outlet to sell individual cards or entire collections through their website, with payment issued once the items are sold. Consignors have their items prominently displayed with photos and descriptions to maximize potential bids and offers from customers around the world. GotBaseballCards handles all transaction details and shipping on behalf of the seller for a reasonable commission fee typically ranging from 10-15%.

When it comes to authentication and grading of collectibles, GotBaseballCards is an authorized partner and submitter to the “Big 3” rating companies – PSA, SGC and BGS. They have an in-house staff that specializes in preparing cards, autographs and memorabilia for expert review based on the stringent standards of each individual service. Through their website, customers can easily initiate the grading process, choose turnaround times and track status updates for their submissions. GotBaseballCards also offers lower cost authentic-only options through SGC.

In addition to serving hobbyists and investors, GotBaseballCards has found success engaging youth. Their blog regularly publishes articles about the joy of collecting, player biographies and industry news. Recommended sort options help kids and newcomers find age-appropriate items to start or expand their collections in a fun, affordable manner. Recent initiatives like free shipping promotions and “Christmas in July” themed product releases further enhance the accessibility of the hobby.

Through nearly 25 years in business, transparency in services, and commitment to customer satisfaction, GotBaseballCards has proven itself a trusted leader in the collectibles industry. Their expansive resources paired with grading and consignment support benefit both casual and serious collectors alike. With further growth of popular sports internationally and revival of vintage properties, GotBaseballCards is well positioned to welcome new generations to the exciting world of sports card collecting.


Gotbaseballcards – J&J’s Sports Superstore is one of the largest online retailers and wholesalers of sports cards, collectibles, memorabilia and sports autographs. They are a family run business owned and operated by brothers Justin and Jeremy. The company was started by their father John over 30 years ago as a small hobby shop and has now blossomed into an online giant in the collectibles industry.

Their massive online inventory contains over 1 million individual sports card listings from the biggest sports including baseball, basketball, football and hockey. In addition to modern cards from the last few decades, they have a huge selection of vintage cards dating all the way back to the early 1900s. Some of their rarest vintage cards for sale include Honus Wagner T206s, Mickey Mantle rookie cards, Jackie Robinson rookie cards and Babe Ruth autograph cards. Alongside sports cards, they also offer trading cards from pop culture franchises such as Star Wars, Marvel Comics and Dragonball Z.

While their online storefront is the primary focus, Gotbaseballcards also operates a 20,000 square foot physical retail location in Phoenix, Arizona. The retail store allows customers to browse inventory in person, check cards under magnification, discuss purchases with experienced staff members and potentially find bargain deals. Special in-store only sections include consignment cases of high end cards priced in the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. The retail space also hosts regular meetups, signings, autograph sessions and live auction events throughout the year.

In addition to retail, Gotbaseballcards has established themselves as a major player in the collectibles wholesale industry. They source inventory directly from collectors, estates, autograph signings and breakers/breakers. This wholesale stock is then made available to resellers, LCS stores, breakers/breakers and auction houses around the globe. Their immense wholesale offerings include full sets, collections, team lots and individual rare cards. By selling in bulk, Gotbaseballcards helps fuel the secondary market and provides valuable sources of inventory for the entire hobby ecosystem.

One of the unique services provided is sports card grading and authentication. While they do not physically grade cards themselves, Gotbaseballcards acts as a submission agent for the major third party authentication companies like PSA, BGS, SGC and more. Customers can send their cards into Gotbaseballcards to be professionally graded and slabbed or simply authenticated. After the grading process is complete,cards are then shipped directly back to the owner. Acting as a submission agent in this middleman role allows collectors an easy and streamlined path to authenticating and grading important pieces in their collection.

For sports autograph collectors, Gotbaseballcards run one of the largest sports memorabilia inventory databases online. They source autographed items directly from the athletes and players through personal autograph signings. Some of the biggest names available include Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, LeBron James, Mike Trout and dozens of Hall of Famers. Patches, jerseys, photos, balls and other unique pieces are all eligible to be personally signed. Gotbaseballcards handles the entire autograph signing process from coordinating the event to distribution and authentication of the signed pieces.

A major pillar of the Gotbaseballcards business model is their robust YouTube and social media presence. Brothers Justin and Jeremy actively film daily box breaks, collection breakdowns, product reviews, interviews, podcasts and more. Their main YouTube channel has amassed over 300,000 subscribers with videos topping millions of views. This influential online content generation helps promote the brand while also providing entertainment and education for the wider collecting community. Customers are able to gain valuable insights on new and vintage products before making purchases.

The combination of a huge online store, large physical retail space, massive wholesale supply chain and influential social media channels have cemented Gotbaseballcards position as the industry leader. Moving forward, they continue investing further into customer service, emerging platforms, new product categories and community events. A steady supply of rare vintage inventory, graded cards, autographs and unique collectibles will keep enthusiasts excited for what Gotbaseballcards has in store next. Their dedication to quality service and growing the hobby for over 3 decades is a testament to why they remain the top destination for all things related to sports cards and collectibles.