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While Kohl’s is primarily known as a department store that sells clothing, footwear, home goods, and other general merchandise items, they do occasionally sell trading cards, including baseball cards, within certain stores and during specific promotions. Baseball cards in particular can be found at Kohl’s under the following circumstances:

During major sports card collecting periods and releases, such as those surrounding the start of a new baseball season or major card company promotions, Kohl’s may choose to stock a limited selection of recently released baseball card products within their trading card sections. These sections are usually located near the front registers or electronics departments in many Kohl’s stores. The selection tends to be small, focusing on popular brands and sets from companies like Topps, Panini, Leaf, and Upper Deck. Individual booster packs, blasters, and hobby boxes may be available during these times. Supplies are limited and promotional periods are usually short-lived, often lasting no more than a month or two.

In some larger Kohl’s locations that have wider trading card and collectible sections, a more permanent assortment of baseball cards may be maintained on shelves year-round. This core selection is typically stocked with value packs, factory sets, and discounted older card lots rather than brand new seasonal releases. The goal is to have a consistent baseball card presence for collectors rather than temporary season-specific inventory. These locations also sometimes dedicate wall facings or end caps to sports memorabilia and collectibles during major baseball events like the World Series to increase visibility.

From time to time, Kohl’s may also run limited-time online promotions featuring certain baseball card brands, products, or player lots at discounted prices to expand their card offerings beyond physical store inventories. These digital deals are promoted through emails, social media, and on the Kohl’s website sports collectibles pages. Shipping is usually free on qualifying online baseball card orders over $25 when such e-commerce promos are active.

In addition to carrying cards themselves, Kohl’s often stocks baseball card supplies that may interest collectors, such as magnetic holders, penny sleeves, toploaders, binders, boxes, and card collecting accessories. Card merchandising displays are also assembled featuring related Funko Pop! vinyl figures, jerseys, helmets, signed memorabilia, and other sports fan gear that enhance the overall baseball card shopping experience at Kohl’s.

During the busy holiday shopping season from late November through December, Kohl’s commonly expands its baseball card assortment even further to appeal to gift givers. Gift sets that bundle factory cards with merchandise or gift cards are prominently displayed. Some of the higher priced cards signed by star players may also be offered exclusively through Kohl’s during this period.

While the selection varies significantly between stores and across seasons, many Kohl’s locations have developed strong relationships with local card collectors and teams by providing a convenient retail outlet for the baseball card hobby within their communities. Associates in these sports card sections can usually offer collectors knowledgeable customer service and recommendations tailored to their interests as well.

In short, while Kohl’s involvement in the baseball card market is more ancillary compared to dedicated hobby shops and online retailers, savvy shoppers will find that Kohl’s does stock an assortment of mainstream brand new release cards, supplies, and gift items throughout the year – especially surrounding major on-shelf dates, holidays, and card company promotions. Checking with local store trading card departments regularly is recommended for those interested in supplementing their collections through Kohl’s occasional baseball card offerings. With over 1,100 stores nationwide, it remains a viable general merchandise outlet for casual collectors and fans.


Kohl’s sells a variety of licensed MLB and vintage baseball card products that can appeal to both casual fans and serious collectors. One of the largest department store chains in America, Kohl’s has made baseball cards a mainstay of their toy and collectibles offerings for decades. Whether you are looking to build your childhood collection or stay up to date on the latest rookie phenoms, Kohl’s stores and website are great places to find baseball cards at affordable prices.

The most popular baseball card items sold at Kohl’s today include packs, boxes, and multipacks from the latest season’s releases by Topps, Panini, and other trading card manufacturers. These can be found near the front of most stores alongside other sports card merchandise. Kohl’s usually carries a selection of value priced packs under $5 containing about 10-15 cards per pack. They also have jumbo packs with 20+ cards or special insert hits. Boxes containing 36 packs or more offer the best bang for your buck for those chasing autographs and memorabilia cards.

Kohl’s also maintains a solid assortment of vintage wax packs and boxes dating back to the 1950s-1990s golden eras of baseball card production. This includes flagship sets like Topps, Fleer, Donruss, and Score. Vintage wax packs containing 5-18 random cards sell for $3-10 depending on the year, while unopened box lots of 36 packs sometimes pop up in the $80-150 range. Even incomplete loose pack displays from the past can give collectors a thrill. The condition varies, but it’s fun to rummage through relics of childhood summers spent chasing rainbow foil stars and scratching powdery gum residue.

In addition to sealed wax product, Kohl’s stocks complete sets, factory sets, team sets and yearbooks from seasons past. These pre-assembled collections save the effort of finding every card individually. Prices range from under $20 for commons-heavy sets of the 2000s to $100-200+ for coveted vintage complete rookies or complete flagship sets. Kohl’s selection tends to focus on the last 30 years but occasionally you may discover gems from the 1970s buried on a bottom shelf. The inventory is constantly evolving as new items arrive and others sell out.

For collectors seeking single cards to fill out personal collections, Kohl’s offers varying qualities and prices of individual vintage and modern stars. Near the front registers are dollar bin full of commons from the junk wax era that evoke nostalgia if nothing else. But further aisles hold glass display cases stocked with $1-10 cards from the last few decades featuring retired Hall of Famers and active superstars. Grading varies widely, so inspect closely, but there are occasionally gems to be unearthed with a little searching.

Kohl’s also carries assorted supplies for hobbyists like magnetic or screw down holders, toploaders, team bags and bulk boxes at affordable prices. This is convenient for sealing up newly acquired finds or transporting prized PC cards safely. The store’s focus is more on mainstream products than high-end equipment, but the selection satisfies basic collecting and organizing needs.

Additionally, Kohl’s frequently runs promotions where shoppers can earn extra Kohl’s Cash rewards on baseball card or other sports memorabilia purchases. This offers further incentive to check their inventory whenever making other shopping trips to the retailer. Coupons occasionally surface online for additional percentage discounts on card products too. Some stores may even provide the occasional free pack or discount with a purchase if stores have excess stock to clear out.

While Kohl’s baseball card offerings will never satisfy the most die-hard authentic or graded card connoisseurs, it remains a dependable general merchandise outlet for causal and avid collectors alike. Browsing the aisles offers a thrill of the unknown hunt and chances to acquire fun nostalgic pieces of cardboard history affordably. Their products cater well to gifting baseball sealed product too. Overall, Kohl’s commitment to maintaining a wide range of baseball cards over the decades ensures it remains a premier nationwide destination for families and fans to stock up for summer card breaks or fuel lifelong collecting passions.


Kohl’s is a major retailer known for carrying clothing, home goods, and other general merchandise. Many collectors may be surprised to learn that Kohl’s also sells baseball cards. For over two decades, Kohl’s has partnered with major card manufacturers like Topps and Panini to offer baseball cards and related trading card products.

This unlikely partnership began in the late 1990s. While other department stores focused on clothing and homewares, Kohl’s sought to draw in male shoppers with a baseball card section. They struck a deal with Topps to sell current year baseball cards in Kohl’s stores nationwide. Shoppers could find packets, boxes, and fat packs of the latest Topps series alongside affordable jerseys and other sports items.

The move was a success. Casual collectors, especially fathers and sons, enjoyed perusing the card aisle together during shopping trips. Many former players have recounted fond memories of finding their rookie cards for sale at Kohl’s. For Topps, it was a major opportunity to reach new audiences outside of traditional hobby shops and mass retailers. Over the years, Kohl’s card selection expanded to include past season retro sets, non-sport trading cards, magazines, and storage supplies.

In addition to standard card packs and boxes, Kohl’s works with manufacturers to produce exclusive collector’s items. Some examples include factory sets only available through certain “Kohl’s Cares” charity initiatives. Another popular exclusive was a 2011 Topps Giants World Series commemorative card pack. Limited print runs of special parallels signs by players have also been Kohl’s exclusives over the years.

As the collecting hobby evolved, so too did Kohl’s offerings. In recent years they’ve broadened their partnerships beyond Topps to include licenses from Panini, eTopps, and other digital trading card companies. Shoppers can now find various on-trend sports like soccer, basketball, and football represented alongside the traditional baseball focus. Kohl’s locations may have NHL, NFL, and NBA trading card blaster boxes, hangers, and singles for sale on any given product release.

For serious collectors, Kohl’s has also sold higher-end memorabilia. In partnership with Steiner Sports Memorabilia, they’ve offered autographed baseballs, jerseys, bats, and photos. These premium items tend to be found in larger “Kohl’s Football Headquarters” or “Kohl’s Baseball Central” sections of bigger stores. Careful collectors can sometimes find original artwork, rare autographed cards, and unopened wax boxes from past decades there as well.

The bread-and-butter of Kohl’s card business remains current season casual collections. On opening weekend of the MLB season, stores stock full cases of the latest Topps Series 1 blasters, hangers, and jumbo packs. Given Kohl’s national retail presence, it provides easy in-person access for families across the country. Their consistent product has helped onboard generations of new young card collectors over the last 25+ years.

For manufacturers, the partnership is also very advantageous. Kohl’s powerful retail presence exposes brands to wider audiences. Millions of shoppers who may never step foot in a card shop can spontaneously pick up a pack. This continuous branding and promotion undoubtedly helps drive overall sales. Both Kohl’s and the trading card companies have benefited tremendously from their long-running relationship.

Going forward, it will be interesting to see if Kohl’s card selection evolves further. As digital cards rise, they may expand into more blockchain-based NFT sports products. Their buyers have also shown enthusiasm for related collectibles like graded vintage cards, autographs, and unique memorabilia. No matter the future innovations, Kohl’s commitment to baseball cards and sportscards has already left an indelible mark after 25+ years of partnerships and new hobbyists.