Jiffy Photo and Baseball Cards: A Collector’s Review


For many decades, Jiffy Photo and its adjacent baseball card shop have been staples of the local community, providing a fun nostalgic experience for both adults and children alike. With the rise of digital photography and online trading platforms, many brick-and-mortar shops like Jiffy Photo have struggled to stay relevant. In this comprehensive review, we take an inside look at what Jiffy Photo and its baseball card section have to offer today’s collectors and hobbyists.

Photo Services Review

Let’s start with Jiffy Photo’s core photo business. Walking inside, you’re immediately greeted by the aroma of classic film processing chemicals – a reminder of photography’s analog past. The photo counter is lined with machines that can develop rolls of 35mm film, make prints from digital files on USB drives, or create photo books, calendars, and other personalized products.

For those still using film cameras, Jiffy Photo offers one-hour film developing and same-day prints/enlargements. The quality is on par with other local labs but the turnaround time can’t beat getting prints back within 60 minutes. Film scanning services are also available to digitize negatives and slides. Pricing is reasonable for the convenience – $10 for a standard 36-exposure roll including 4×6 prints.


While film remains a niche market, most customers now come to Jiffy Photo for printing digital photos from phones or cameras. Prints can be made in a variety of sizes from wallet to 20×30 inches within a day or two. Photo books, calendars, and photo cards provide creative projects for special events and holidays. The self-service kiosk makes it easy to upload, edit, layout and order photo products on the spot.

Overall, Jiffy Photo’s photo services cater well to both film diehards and digital photo enthusiasts. The personalized attention, quick film processing, and variety of photo items make it a worthwhile local alternative to online-only photo labs and retailers.

Baseball Cards Review

Moving beyond the photo area reveals Jiffy Photo’s small but carefully curated baseball card collection. Longtime shop owner Jerry greets regulars by name and eagerly discusses the latest rookie cards and trade rumors over the glass display cases.


Rows of new wax packs, boxes and discounted “gum” remain an affordable gateway for young collectors. But the real treasures lie in the showcases of vintage and graded gems. Here you may glimpse one-of-a-kind Mickey Mantle rookies, rare error cards, and game-used memorabilia autographs priced in the thousands. Jerry prides himself on maintaining a collection that appeals to all budget levels.

While browsing online is inevitable for finding the rarest MVP ’52 Topps or complete vintage sets, Jiffy Photo’s card area cultivates a valuable social experience. Customers freely discuss the ups and downs of their favorite teams while admiring each other’s prized additions to their albums. Jerry even hosts weekly card shows and auctions bringing collectors together from across the region.

For anyone seriously invested in the hobby, the shop ranks highly as a reliable source for supplies, advice and regularly-updated singles, sets and boxes of new releases. Grading, authentication and consignment services are also available for appraisals and securing the highest dollar value. It’s clear Jerry’s passion has kept this niche community thriving even after eBay and Comc ast changed the card game.


Final Assessment

While the digital age has disrupted many photography businesses and trading card shop storefronts, Jiffy Photo’s dedication to serving local hobbyists with a personal touch seems to be paying off. Both the photo and baseball card sections continue filling needs that mail order and online retailers cannot replace – quick film processing, interactive collecting experiences, and personalized photo products.

As long as passionate owners like Jerry remain committed to curating specialized inventories, fostering community, and accommodating customers of all ages – Jiffy Photo looks poised to endure for generations more. Even in the 21st century, this classic shop proves there is still room alongside technology for traditional brick-and-mortar businesses that cater to the interests of their loyal clientele. For collectors and photo enthusiasts in the area, Jiffy Photo remains an invaluable hometown resource.

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