Ian Anderson Baseball Cards Overview

Ian Anderson is one of the top young pitching prospects in all of baseball. Since being drafted third overall by the Atlanta Braves in 2016, Anderson has risen through the Braves system and made his major league debut in 2020. As Anderson continues to develop his skills in the big leagues, collectors have taken notice of his rookie cards. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at some of the most valuable and noteworthy Ian Anderson baseball cards on the market today.

2016 Bowman Draft Ian Anderson Auto RC BGS 9.5

The very first Ian Anderson card issued comes from his 2016 Bowman Draft rookie card set. This card features Anderson’s autograph and is considered his true rookie card from his draft year. As one of the highest drafted players that year, Anderson’s Bowman Draft cards attracted attention right away. Few were pulled with a BGS (Professional Sports Authenticator) grade of 9.5, indicating mint condition. These ultra-high graded Anderson rookie autos command big prices, with a PSA 9 example recently selling for over $3,000. In a BGS 9.5 holder, a 2016 Bowman Draft Anderson auto could fetch $5,000 or more from the right collector. Given Anderson’s future star potential, values on this iconic rookie card figure to keep rising.


2020 Topps Ian Anderson Auto Red Refractor /299

Jumping ahead to Anderson’s major league debut season in 2020, one of his most sought-after rookie season cards is the red refractor parallel from Topps’ base set. Numbered to just 299 copies, these short printed Anderson autos immediately caught the eyes of Braves collectors. While Anderson made only 11 starts in 2020 due to COVID-19’s impact, he showed star ability by finishing with a 1.95 ERA and striking out 50 batters in 40 innings pitched. This eye-popping debut further boosted the appeal of his 2020 Topps red refractor, with PSA 10 examples currently selling in the $400-500 range. With another strong season under his belt in 2021, prices on this short printed Anderson auto figure to climb higher.

2021 Topps Heritage Ian Anderson Patch Auto /99


For collectors seeking Anderson patch autos from his continuing MLB career, the 2021 Topps Heritage release delivered. Featuring authentic material from Anderson’s Braves jersey embedded within the parallel, these /99 patch cards became instant hits. While Heritage can be tough to grade gem mint, even lower graded Anderson patch autos command three-figure prices. In a PSA 10 case, which can showcase the intricate uniform swatch, a 2021 Topps Heritage Anderson patch auto sold recently for just under $1,000. With the considerable rarity of a serial numbered jersey card from such an acclaimed young pitcher, these Topps Heritage patches represent pinnacle Anderson collection pieces.

Less Common Ian Anderson Insert Cards

There are also a number of more difficult to find Ian Anderson parallels and inserts out there that collectors seek. Popular examples include low-numbered refractors from Donruss and Bowman Draft parallels numbered to /50 or less. Also quite rare are some of Anderson’s Panini Contenders and Spectra jersey and auto patch cards from 2020 and 2021 releases. Especially at the PSA 10 level, these esoteric Anderson cards can range between $500-1000 depending on parallel numbers and specific inserts. With his growing success on the field, many see Ian Anderson’s rarer cards as future blue-chip investments compared to his base rookies.


Values and Long-Term Outlook

At just 23 years old heading into 2022, Ian Anderson still has countless productive seasons ahead of him as a key starter for the Atlanta Braves. If he remains healthy and continues developing his excellent pitching skills, most experts see All-Star and Cy Young award potential. Naturally, this bodes extremely well for Anderson’s existing rookie cards and parallel inserts, which already hold substantial collector value. In the coming years, as Anderson hits milestones like 100 wins or a no-hitter, some anticipate flagship rookies could potentially reach five figures graded gem mint. Regardless, even modest increases in Anderson’s statistics and contributions seem poised to lift values across all of his available rookie cards. For serious Braves PC collectors and savvy long-term investors, Ian Anderson cards represent a roster holding with a very bright future outlook.

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