Hart to Hart Baseball Cards began in 1973 as a small startup company operating out of a garage in rural California. Founders Bill and Susan Hart were both passionate fans of baseball and had the idea to design unique baseball cards celebrating players’ careers and accomplishments. With just $5,000 in savings, they got to work designing prototypes and contacting manufacturers.

Their first sets featured cards for players in the American and National Leagues. Each card contained a photo of the player in uniform, their career statistics on the back, and custom artwork and graphics. Bill and Susan aimed to make each card visually appealing while also honoring the player. They sent samples to sportscards shops and struck small deals to get their first few sets into stores. Response was positive and they began to grow.

In their early years, Hart to Hart focused on active players but also started experimenting with retired legends of the game. This helped expose newer fans to the history and eras before they started watching. One of their most popular early sets was ‘Legends of the Game’ from 1976 which featured 30 Hall of Fame players like Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, and Honus Wagner. It was one of the first times many of these all-time greats were featured on modern cards.


Through the late 1970s, Hart to Hart established itself as a leader in innovative card designs. They were among the first companies to feature borderless photos, embossed logos, and unique materials like wood grains. The attention to visual presentation helped the company grow its customer base. By 1980, Hart to Hart cards were being sold in stores nationwide and the company moved to a larger factory to keep up with demand.

In the 1980s, Hart to Hart went all-in on premium and high-end cards. Their ‘Diamond Kings’ set from 1985 were printed on ultra-thick card stock with tiny embedded crystals. Priced near $10 per pack (very expensive at the time), the cards sold out instantly. Other popular premium releases included ‘Golden Moments’ which recreated iconic photos in an embossed gold treatment. Always early adopters of new technology, Hart to Hart was also a leader in the fledgling field of acetate cards.


Through the late 1980s and 1990s, Hart to Hart established several trademarks that still stand today. Their ‘Cooperstown Collection’ was the first ongoing set dedicated to immortalizing each inductee into the Baseball Hall of Fame shortly after they were enshrined. Other classics included ‘Heisman Heritage’ cross-promoting baseball’s best with football players. During the baseball card boom of the early 90s, Hart to Hart’s prestigious ‘Ultra Diamond’ paralleled the frenzy around ultra-rare pulls with absurd print runs under 1000 copies.

As the sports card market contracted in the late 90s, Hart to Hart was forced to adapt but maintained their quality standards. They transitioned to direct-to-consumer sets like ‘Signature Edition’ where cards were hand-numbered and signed by the featured legends. Hart to Hart also pivoted to high-end memorabilia cards that paired rare game-used bats, balls, or jersey swatches with vintage photos of the player using that item. These hybrid cards found an audience among serious collectors.


Today, Hart to Hart remains devoted to premium specialty releases but has also extended their brand. Alongside their traditional baseball cards, the company now produces sets featuring other sports leagues as well as non-sports entertainment memorabilia. Through a focus on premium packaging and subject matter, Hart to Hart cards retain their reputation for elegant visual design nearly 50 years after the company’s founding. They continue to pioneer new collecting categories and honor the greatest names in sports and culture.

In summary, Hart to Hart Baseball Cards spent five decades defining the standard for premium sports card design and storytelling. From their humble origins designing by hand in a California garage, Bill and Susan Hart grew their company into the sports memorabilia industry it is today. Through booms and busts, Hart to Hart maintained high standards of craftsmanship which solidified their brand among serious collectors worldwide. They continue working to represent the greatest athletes and legends in innovative card formats for fans both new and old.

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