5 Below is a national retail chain known for selling a wide variety of merchandise that is all priced at $5 or below. Their product assortment ranges from toys, games, candy, electronics, home goods, and seasonal items. While their locations offer a very diverse selection of affordable items, baseball cards have not historically been a major part of their inventory.

In recent years 5 Below has expanded what trading card games and collectibles they stock on their shelves. This is likely in response to the continued growth and popularity of the trading card hobby, especially among younger audiences. They want to capture this market by having a selection of more niche products like sport trading cards. But baseball cards specifically make up a small portion of the overall trading cards carried.

Football and basketball trading cards dominate the limited card selection found at 5 Below. This reflects the broader popularity of the NFL and NBA among younger demographics compared to MLB. Sets from the past couple seasons from popular sports brands like Panini, Topps, and Upper Deck can be found. These are usually the value packs and blind packs priced around $1-3 rather than high-end boxes.


Baseball cards do occasionally show up but availability is inconsistent and limited to just a handful of recent release products or value packs at any given time. Stores likely only keep small quantities on hand since baseball does not sell as quickly as other sports. Some examples of baseball card items that may sporadically be in stock include:

Topps 2020 Base Series 1 value packs with 10 random cards for $1.25

Topps 2021 Allen & Ginter blind jumbo packs with 6 cards including baseball stars and obscure non-sports personalities from $1.50

Topps 2021 Gypsy Queen mini box with 12 cards and chances for parallels/autos priced around $3

Donruss 2020 Optic retro design blaster box containing 36 cards for $4.95

Panini Prizm draft picks & prospects blasters with 2018/19 rookies priced at $4

Vintage or high-end retro products are never seen for sale. The selection clearly aims to offer the most current and accessible baseball card items possible at those affordable price points. Beyond a handful of popular brands and basic sets, collectors would be hard-pressed to find many specialty inserts, parallels or box toppers either.

In addition to the product selection limitations, the condition and organization of the 5 Below trading card sections leaves much to be desired. Cards are often scattered, damaged or incomplete due to lack of organization, subpar storage and casual browsing/handling. This deters serious collectors but satisfies impulse buyers.

While 5 Below has made an effort to grow their trading card offerings – baseball cards specifically hold a very minor and inconsistent presence compared to other sports. Avid baseball card collectors would be disappointed by the lack of selection, higher-end products and disheveled condition of what little is stocked. It works better satisfying newcomers seeking an inexpensive intro into the hobby rather than serving more dedicated enthusiasts. Other big box stores, local card shops or online retailers offer a superior baseball card shopping experience.


So in summary – yes 5 Below does carry a small amount of recent MLB card releases and value packs priced at $5 or under. But their extremely limited selections, inconsistent availability, poor merchandising and focus on other sports means it should not be viewed as a primary destination nor relied upon for serious baseball card collectors. Casual fans may occasionally find an affordable blaster box or pack but will be underwhelmed overall by the retailer’s offering in this niche collectible category.

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