Topps released their second series of baseball cards for the 2023 season in late July/early August, continuing their tradition of producing the flagship baseball card set each year. Series 2 builds upon the rosters and designs from Series 1 with new players, prospects, parallels, and inserts. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top cards collectors should be on the hunt for from 2023 Topps Series 2 baseball.

One of the most coveted rookie cards in the set is Detroit Tigers catcher Spencer Torkelson. As the top overall pick in the 2020 MLB Draft, Torkelson made his big league debut in 2022 and showed flashes of his immense power potential. His base rookie card in Series 2 carries a reasonable print run but strong long-term demand given his talent and status as the number one pick. Look for Torkelson rookies to steadily appreciate in value over the coming years as he establishes himself in the majors.

Another rookie standout is Tampa Bay Rays shortstop Xavier Edwards. Though he saw limited MLB action in 2022, Edwards is considered one of the top middle infield prospects in baseball and should be a full-time player for the Rays in 2023. His smooth left-handed swing and speed make him an intriguing talent, and his Series 2 base rookie could be a bargain at its current price point. Like Torkelson, Edwards has the skills to be an everyday player for years, making his rookie card a solid long-term hold.


For National League Rookie of the Year contenders, look no further than 2023 Series 2 cards of Atlanta Braves outfielder Michael Harris II and Miami Marlins pitcher Edward Cabrera. Harris exploded onto the scene in 2022 with elite defense and a solid bat, cementing himself as the Braves’ starting center fielder. His rookie campaign has created significant buzz, and his Series 2 base card remains affordable for now. Cabrera showed electric stuff when healthy in 2022, and if he can avoid injuries going forward, has ace potential. Both Harris and Cabrera have ROY-caliber upside and their rookie cards are primed to appreciate.

The 2023 rookie class also features several talented pitching prospects who debuted late in the season like Tampa Bay’s Taj Bradley, Cincinnati’s Hunter Greene, and Milwaukee’s Ethan Small. Though they got limited MLB action this year, all three flamethrowers have the ability to develop into frontline starters. Their Series 2 rookie cards can be acquired for reasonable prices today compared to what they could be worth down the road. For patient collectors, cards like Bradley, Greene, and Small carry solid longshot potential.


In terms of veteran stars and established contributors, Series 2 offers affordable cards of elite talent like Los Angeles Angels two-way phenom Shohei Ohtani, Atlanta Braves superstar Ronald Acuna Jr., and New York Mets aces Jacob deGrom and Max Scherzer. While their flagship rookie cards from previous years carry premium prices, their 2023 Series 2 base cards can still be collected for under $10 each. Given their place among the game’s very best, cards of Ohtani, Acuna, deGrom and Scherzer hold steady value in set collections.

The 2023 Topps Series 2 set also features several exciting parallels and inserts to hunt for. The Rainbow Foil parallel carries a 1:150 odds print run and looks stunning in person with its iridescent foil treatment on the card face. The Gold Cup parallel has an elusive 1:750 print run and features a gold border treatment. For star rookie cards, finding a Rainbow Foil or Gold Cup parallel of players like Torkelson or Harris would be an incredible pull.


Topps also introduced several new insert sets in Series 2, like “Faces of the Franchise” highlighting each team’s current biggest star. “Top Prospects” focuses on the game’s top minor leaguers, while “League Leaders” honors the top stats from the 2022 season. The “ASG Standouts” insert commemorates top performers from the 2022 All-Star Game. For collectors chasing specific sets, inserts provide another avenue to target favorite teams and players outside the base checklist.

In summary, 2023 Topps Series 2 baseball offers a wide array of cards for collectors across all levels and interests. Rookie standouts, established stars, and parallel/insert chases provide something for everyone. With its large checklist and reasonable prices on base cards, Series 2 is one of the most accessible flagship sets each year. For those willing to do a bit of digging, the set holds plenty of long-term gems that could pay dividends in future collections.

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