The 2021 Panini Prizm Draft Picks baseball set was highly anticipated by collectors due to the talent and star power of the 2021 MLB Draft class. While Wander Franco and other top prospects were not included since they were not draft-eligible, there were still several can’t-miss prospects taken in the first round that made their Prizm rookie cards very desirable. Below we will take an in-depth look at some of the most coveted rookie cards from the 2021 Panini Prizm Draft Picks baseball set.

Perhaps the most sought-after card from the entire release is the green laser prizm rookie auto of Jordan Lawlar. Lawlar, a shortstop from Jesuit Prep in Texas, was drafted #1 overall by the Arizona Diamondbacks. He is considered a true five-tool player with elite potential both at the plate and in the field. His prizm laser auto, limited to only 10 copies, instantly became the crown jewel of the set. Competing for Lawlar’s signature out of the pack would easily cost collectors thousands of dollars due to his status as the top pick and the extreme scarcity of the parallel.


Another highly valuable card is the purple /49 prizm rookie auto of Jack Leiter. Leiter, the son of former big leaguer Al Leiter, fell to the Texas Rangers at #2 overall but many had him ranked as the top pitching prospect in the draft. He dominated at Vanderbilt with a blazing fastball and plus slider combo. The Leiter prizm auto is one of the most popular rookie cards in the entire release, and the limited purple parallel makes it extremely rare. Graded gem mint 10 examples have sold for well over $1000.

The prizm rookie auto of Henry Davis is also a highly sought-after card. As the #1 overall pick by the Pittsburgh Pirates, Davis was the first catcher taken number one overall since Joe Mauer in 2001. He is an advanced hitter with good power potential and solid defensive skills behind the plate. While his base prizm auto is plentiful compared to the above two prospects, graded versions still command big money due to his status as the top selection. The lower numbered parallels like purple and orange can also fetch big sums.

Another top prospect and highly valuable card is the prizm rookie auto of Jack Cushing from the Boston Red Sox. Cushing, a third baseman out of Boston College, has an advanced all-around game and was taken #4 overall. He has a smooth left-handed swing and solid power potential. While not quite as scarce as the Lawlar or Leiter cards, Cushing’s prizm auto is still one of the most popular Red Sox cards in the set. The lower parallel versions can sell for well over $500 in top grades.

The prizm rookie autos of Marcelo Mayer and Kumar Rocker also hold significant value. Mayer, a shortstop taken #4 overall by the Boston Red Sox, has five-tool potential and was considered by many to be the best pure hitter in the draft. Rocker, the Vanderbilt flamethrower taken #10 by the New York Mets, was a top three talent who fell due to signability concerns. Both players have a chance to become future stars and their prizm rookie cards, especially low numbered parallels, demand big money from collectors.

In addition to the above prospects, cards of other first round talents like Sal Frelick (Brewers), Brady House (Rangers), and Drew Gilbert (Twins) are highly sought after. While not quite as scarce or expensive as the top few picks, these players were all drafted in the top 15 and have the skills to become impact big leaguers. Their prizm rookie autos, especially serial numbered parallels, hold significant collector value.


The 2021 Panini Prizm Draft Picks baseball release was one of the most popular and valuable draft sets in recent memory. Headlined by the elite talents taken at the top of the draft like Lawlar, Leiter, Davis, and Mayer, the premier rookie cards from this year’s class are highly coveted by collectors. While the sheer scarcity and status of the #1 picks like Lawlar will likely always make their cards the most valuable, there is star potential up and down the first round checklist which continues to drive collector demand. For those able to pull or acquire the top rookies, especially in rare parallels, this set offers a great chance to invest in the future of baseball.

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