The 2007 Fleer baseball card release has proven to be one of the more valuable sets in recent memory. While not as flashy as some of the larger modern productions from companies like Topps and Upper Deck, the 2007 Fleer set offers collectors a fun blast from the past along with cards of stars that have since cemented their legacy.

Released in 2007 toward the tail end of Fleer’s run as a baseball card manufacturer, the design is fairly straightforward with mostly basic photography on a white or cream colored background. What it may lack in creative design it more than makes up for with the inclusion of several young stars who were early in their careers at the time but have since become household names.

Cards of a pre-Prime Albert Pujols, Alex Rodriguez in his Yankee years, and David Ortiz still in the early stages of cementing himself as a Red Sox legend can fetch decent money in high grade. Pujols’ base card in Near Mint to Mint condition usually sells between $10-20 while A-Rod and Big Papi base are in the $5-10 range. For star rookie cards from the set, prices can climb much higher depending on the player and grade of the card.


One of the biggest hits from the 2007 Fleer set is Josh Hamilton’s rookie card. Hamilton was already generating buzz in 2007 as one of the game’s top prospects after overcoming well-documented personal issues, and since became a former American League MVP award winner. His base rookie card in Mint condition can bring $50-75 while a Near Mint example may sell for $30-50. autograph and numbered parallel versions exist that could far surpass those prices.

Other notable rookies in the 2007 Fleer set include Max Scherzer,Cole Hamels, Ian Kinsler, and Robinson Cano. While not quite at the level Hamilton commanded early, all became impact big leaguers and their rookies have respectable value today. A Near Mint Scherzer rookie would sell around $15-20. Hamels and Kinsler are $10-15 range. Cano sits just below that at $8-12 depending on grade.


Beyond rookie cards, the 2007 Fleer set also featured several stars early in their Hall of Fame careers like Chase Utley, Hanley Ramirez, and Joey Votto. Their base cards in top grades can reach the $5-10 price point. Pitchers like Roy Halladay, CC Sabathia, and John Lackey also popped up in the 2007 Fleer set pre-prime and go for a few dollars. Parallel and autographed versions would be much more expensive.

While nowhere close to the price levels of the classic ’50s/’60s Fleer sets that can fetch thousands, the 2007 release has developed a nice nostalgic following. The designs are straightforward but capture a fun mid-2000s baseball vibe. Most importantly, it features some truly generational talents who were just getting going like Pujols, Hamilton, and others. For younger collectors who grew up watching those players in their primes, 2007 Fleer cards are a nice blast from their childhood/early fandom.


While the 2007 Fleer set lacks some of the flashier modern extras collectors expect today, it offers a nice mix of established stars and young talents who went on to great success. Base cards of big names like Pujols and A-Rod or star rookies like Hamilton and Scherzer can sell for $5-25 depending on condition – not bad for a relatively inexpensive older release from the tail end of Fleer’s long baseball run. With years of continued appreciation, the 2007 Fleer values are proven to stand the test of time for collectors today.

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