The 1990 Upper Deck Looney Tunes Baseball card set was the first time that Warner Bros, the owners of the Looney Tunes characters, licensed them out for use on a trading card set. Released towards the end of the trading card boom of the late 1980s and early 1990s, the Looney Tunes set caught the attention of both baseball card collectors and fans of the classic cartoon characters. While not one of the highest valued sets of the time, the 1990 Upper Deck Looney Tunes cards still hold nostalgic appeal for many and several key cards maintain respectable secondary market values today.

The set consisted of 132 total cards with designs that featured Looney Tunes characters alongside images and bios of Major League Baseball players from that era. Each card had the cartoon character incorporated onto the design somehow related to the player featured. For example, Bugs Bunny would be shown as a baseball player on cards of sluggers or Daffy Duck depicted as a pitcher. The back of each card continued the humorous theme with bios that portrayed the players personalities as Looney Tunes characters.


Upper Deck was known for using high quality cardboard stock and crisp color reproduction in their sets from that time period. The Looney Tunes cards followed suit with vivid images and maintained their condition well over the past 30 years. The front design also featured a blue and white color scheme that nicely incorporated the familiar Looney Tunes branding. The lack of any shiny foil parallels or autograph/relic cards meant the set did not achieve the same popularity level as flagship sports releases.

Several key rookie cards appear in the set that now command noticeable premiums. Ken Griffey Jr’s rookie is among the most sought after from the set. Despite being fairly common at 132 cards printed, examples in near mint or better condition can fetch over $100. Fellow rookie Frank Thomas also sees desirability since he went on to have a Hall of Fame career. Other players like Nolan Ryan and Ozzie Smith maintain strong followings as well which adds to the appeal of their Looney Tunes cards.


The chase cards in the set revolve around the short print and parallel variations Upper Deck included. A 17-card Autographs and Memorabilia parallel exists that features swatches of fabric incorporated into the design. These memorable relic cards are exceedingly rare to find today and in high grade could be worth over $1000. The 21-card Super Short Print parallel takes things even further with pastel colored borders and numbering under 21 copies believed to exist. An authentic PSA 10 grade example of a Super Short Print would be valued upwards of $5000.

Outside of the parallels, some stand out regular issue cards hold premium value too. The Mickey Mantle and Babe Ruth cards command over $300 PSA 10 due to their iconic status in baseball history. The Looney Tunes twist adds to their appeal as collectibles. Other well known players like Cal Ripken Jr, Nolan Ryan and Ozzie Smith have $100+ PSA 10 valuations as well due to their popularity. The lower end commons are still in demand for set completion at $3-5 a card.


In the years since its release, 1990 Upper Deck Looney Tunes baseball has developed a strong following among both sports card and animation enthusiasts looking to combine their interests. While production numbers keep it from reaching the stratospheric prices of the rarest 1980s and 1990s sets, the iconic characters, quality construction and star rookies ensure it maintains relevance. Examples in the high end condition grades still offer strong long term appreciation potential. For collectors pursuing vintage memorabilia and the start of beloved player’s careers, 1990 Upper Deck Looney Tunes remains an accessible and entertaining vintage release.

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